Midweek ZEN

“The art of words, which means nothing…”

-J. Hendrix

Well folks, the ticket is in… Romney and Ryan, employing the Book of Revelation as a Guideline for the New Millenium, seek to lower capital gain taxes to zero and continue preaching the outrageous gospel of Reagan economics, the trickle down, the top to bottom, they’re the top and we’re the bottom, taking it… not that Obama has been the posterchild for change, our prisoner of the big whig pocket books, an ex-dope fiend who burns down the crops of California… there’s no redeeming parts to be found in 2012’s charade of free choice… this is not freedom, this is not Jefferson’s democracy, and now it’s not even a popularity contest…it’s about building an army of wealth and ‘interest’ and underground corporate connections while you sell the hoi polloi lines on balancing the budget and wrangling unemployment down…men in tuxedos, posing as fishermen, pickling red herrings and scooping caviar into their gullets.

?What autonomous and free thinking voter of our country would want to seal this bastard of truth with papal infallibility… right before the fossil fuels run out and the electricity grids kaput and our planet decides enough is enough, when we overload K (carrying capacity of a biological system) and P plummets (population)… ?where are the refugees of capitalism, the degree students stuck to blue-fading computers, the ousted unionworkers, the single mothers struggling to put food on the tables, the lost children of the street who have long abandoned the system… I have my own opinoins on what kinds of social revolution would be viable in 21st Century North America (not the time or  place…I don’t need to get put on a no-fly list), but the energy that brought together the men and women of the Occupy Movement is a solid jumping off point… the identification of the problem, looking into the eyes of a complete stranger and saying, “Hey, our culture tells us to fear what is different and unknown, and I probably should just pull out my cell phone and buy up another soft-core porno for my Kindle, but I’m not. It looks like you’re getting fucked by these Neo-Con phantoms too…want to do something with me about it?”… if anything were to work, however, the initial stages require a more inclusionary element and stronger convictions in what the citizenry’s expecatations are of the state. The point is, what we are doing now is not enough…6 hours of television, 2 hours texting, 8 hours in front of a computer at work… we have become enslaved and castrated in the moonless midnight… brass and balls could stop these gerbils from rotating in their sick wheels, scurrying with self importance desperate to fulfill ancient prophecies…we just need to polish them up.


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