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For the watchers…

June 23, 2013

JC Post 6.23


The Watchers-HDW

June 23, 2013

watching watchers watching, waiting

for a trip over the curb

for a shoelace to snap

for a wife to call & scream “i’m leaving”

and for a doctor to whisper “you’re boy’s dead”…

the watchers, a wide eye’d ARE YOU OK? at

first, at first…

then a smile, around the corner, away

from you

from love

from life… aligned with demon

stars & for-profit educators…

the watchers, waiting, smiling…

never done

a goddamn.

Buk might dig this one…

June 22, 2013

HDW- Prometheus

All I’ll have are these pages, this

pen and these words, that look

on your face as



on and on and on, looking. I made

the maze funny,

but not for you.

For me.

Because this is all I have.



The cheese never existed.

The smell,

was in your head.

ball & CHAINS

June 6, 2013

Giving up on love starts with

giving up on yourself.

Giving up on mom & dad & me & my

& the teachers & the bosses &

husbands wives children… giving up

a person makes sense sometimes,

all the time…

all the fetters…



far more consistent.

But even so, the easy road lead not always


truth… country clubs & their dues’

bitching chocalate-cover’d kids,

they kiss you alright… probably better than alright,


I wouldnt know a goddamn, refusing

the only damn God I had

to start it all

off the boards

with… despite what mother might say.

But still, you come back… you think about it?

What could we ever do without the


Buddha & Christ & Whitman had it easy.

What mommy wanted…

Who we are.