Westboro Baptist Church & the Usefullness of Free Speech (for us hapless members of the citezenry interested in destroying the Nazi party)

Tax exemptions for non-profits baffle and bemuse me… money and church and state and more money building more temples with more state overhead… the process reeks suspect, especially since church groups and social centers and religious affiliates are some of the most vocal organizations in regards to policy & government procedure within their spheres of influence. There is no doubt religious-run bodies & charitable foundations & hospitals comprise a bulk of the good work being done in this country, but in all things TaxBreak there are blood-suckers and poseurs… enter stage left the Westboro Baptist Church… Fred Phelps clips his canvas suspender-straps around a bright orange set of cardboard posters… black lettering strident against the sunlight, a light Fall breeze and the grass and the mothers & fathers & tears and tears and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”… Westboro’s battle is a war of words, not a pursuit of logos. It is a distortion of good for the sake of shock.

Their honor roll reads like any feud between noble slave-owners… Fred Phelps assembled a band of inbreds and mongrels & Good News-bastardizing red-blood’d biscuits (all of whom happened to have the same last name as Freddy Boy) in Kansas to fight the evils of  homosexuality & the Jewish state in support of flag burning & unprotected sex.  Standard American fairy-tale… Phelps first exploited the pain and tragedy of the 1998 Matthew Shepherd murder to shove his ‘church’ out onto the ‘national stage’ and has conned & connived, insidious in all his dealings (see: January 2011 Westboro’s decision to call off picketing a 9-year-old shooting victim’s funeral for radio air-time), ever since.

Some people want to fight back, to squash the fearmongers and fight them head on… counter-protest the protest. I say let the bastards continue to spread blood above their doorways… let this insignificant band of Tao-looting gypsies shout through the streets of Topeka and explode and berate and string together cuss-riddle’d non-sequitors across the rest of the rust belt. I personally have witnessed their antics (pilfered from use’d-refridgerator salesmen), craven & button up’d & hiding behind invisible fences with loud loud loud speakerphones… they came to Chicago in the summer of ’09 to march along the north side and bully productive members of society who happened to live near Wrigley Field, the site of an Elton John performance the following night. Like 20 farmers could stop an army of Mona Lisa’s & Mad Hatter’s…

Despite the fact that they come off as a complete joke their antics are deplorable. Their message is as subjective as any message can be packaged… not to high-horse the notion of objectivity, but when the ‘opinions’ become the ‘doctrines’ and all of a sudden a ‘book’ is written and its cover sticks with more dust & more dust… things tend to unravel. People (i.e. Freddy Boy) tend to take over. Group consciousness is sacrificed to the lampreys of individual drive & ego overhaul.  Their broadcast deepens in volume but not in substantiation… yelling yelling yelling, starved for attention like Soviet orphans. Unfortunately (and fortunately) the Christian Gospels can be interpreted in a variety of ways, so it is no one faction’s right to stake a claim on the truth. Anti-love, anti-brotherhood, anti-equality (even though Phelps practiced once as a civil rights attorney… but that’s how these neuroses manifest… the self-hatred’s within a person who is completely in love with themselves… it’s a complicated mess) certainly couldn’t be further from the Sun God’s intention in His ministry, but at the end of the day it is all up for grabs. Tis’ the beauty of faith… and what makes it so tenuous. It is why Westboro Baptist is a church and qualifies for all the bonuses… as much as it pains me to accept… but at the same time they are a church that soon will be completely erased from history.

Our country is built on unalienable rights… it is important for the government to stay out of the morality. We are granted the freedom to be ourselves, to speak freely… to let other assholes speak their minds, and then respond with our own version of the truth. It is important for Westboro Baptist to continue distributing pamphlets of bigotry and hate and disconnectedness… look at the picture below. How many people are lined up with this sad bastard? How strong does it look like Westboro has become? Years and years of Phelps family dollars squandered to spread the new truth of the Gospels… but what is there to show for it? We need to let them continue to talk themselves into oblivion, to point out these last one-man parades of hate to our children and our friends and to consciously choose not to join in the noise. There are less and less of these groups and they will continue to decline so long as good men possess courage and humanity stays human. Let the law be the law and let hate run its course.



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