From One Soul Child of the Apocalypse to Another

Every good slab of 21st century journalism is charred by an insight from Brian Williams, and I loosely quote the newsman from his contribution to ‘Mankind: The Story of Us,’ currently hovering somewhere out on the television waves… every world power, every empire and republic and dictatorship that exerted influence, is akin to a supernovae. Their energy builds and builds until finally the lattices crumble and the foundation cracks from the enormous pressure outside… everything falling into itself. Free-fall. The power structures are replaced and life, for better or worse, changes drastically.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) such a collapse will no longer be imminent in the backdrops of our psyches. December 21, 2012 will come and go, sun up sun down, as every other day in recorded time has done before and will continue to do after… until the ink fades or the book burns. Mayan ayahuasca  brewers, Kabbalistic cipher-underwriters, Elysian mystics & solar-flare speeeedfreaks dreaming of the internet… the fantasy of our disaster and downfall has been played out since the Discovery Channel started contending for PrimeTime advertising.  Ted Turner and FOX News and doomsday bunker engineers have made a killing off the phenomenon…Donald Trump is having his shirts pressed this very moment, drooling over his returns on gas masks and electric generators… the general public has been swept up in the Apocalypse Phenomenon, in the tide of their own mortality.

It is only human.

But now with our wallets empty and the fog lifted, there is a question to be asked: Do we continue to be blindly anesthetized and bred into a culture of fear and degradation, or can we willfully choose to live in the here and now with all the other spirit forces of the Gaian mind dancing around us? There’s a reason why the fight-or-flight system has such control over our biological systems, and there’s a reason why tyrants and despots have targeted it for 10,000 years… agapic love, the chakra-stirring kind developed in the deepest intricacy of our frontal lobes, is relatively new…

The odds are against us.

But… we must push forward towards some state of grace, of hope; in spite of the spectacle’d eyes and monocle’d glares from the crowd. At the end of the day, or the start of the eschaton, when hell comes to Earth and Heaven wanders down the beach, the value of life and of the human experience will be the most important issue of all. We, as an American people of 310 MILLION, as a world people of nearly 7 BILLION, can either continue on status quo and wipe the sweat from our brows having avoided disaster… or… recognize the disaster will be there, and the question is when it comes what sort of attitudes will we have in place to combat it.

The free-market will fail, laissez-faire will break a knuckle and when she does the underlying tone of the culture will carry the United (or Divided) States down one riptide or the other: peril & destruction & insatiable madness OR a more cooperative & holistic & spiritual way of daily existence.

There are certain truths and truth-tellers that have come upon this planet (truth in the way C.S. Lewis means in The Abolition of Man) and their recognition by a society of individuals is critical to success for the whole. Think –>> Constantine and the cross, Charlemagne embracing teachings from the monks at St. Denis, the Indian ruler Ashoka’s construction of the Buddhist law pillars, Muhammad meditating deep into the desert and Moses leading his people from perdition with only his hands. There are many economic, social, political parallels that can be drawn from our time period and those others when major changes occurred, the exciting times (an Irish prayer: may you be alive at the end of the world). We will not be immediately faced with the itinerant blast of fireworks that an apocalypse would carry (i.e. tomorrow), but eventually they will fall upon us, God-forbid our children or children’s children… you see the cornea expanding?

The onus is upon us… the time to pass the buck has ended and sentenced to death by hanging for betraying his family and friends… maybe this taste of death can be good for us? Maybe the scent of fetid and cold and dark spaces, this closeness to mortality that mankind has fascinated itself with, will be a necessary scare? Maybe we needed the apocalypse to come, and then go?

Brotherhood, opportunity, a sense of hope… all is ripe for the harvest in this epoch of conscious existence. It is our choice whether to embrace it or not, after we cast down the Web Bots and ride out the planetary alignment and reset the ticking time-bomb of Yosemite, it is our obligation to move forward, past the violence & hate & quiet desperation that strangles our hearts… past Newton, Conneticut, past the civilian rubble stack’d in the Middle East, past the bloodlust for gold and resources and credit card numbers… we, as individuals, need to look at our own faults to better accept the smile of our brothers.

We need to embrace this trip that is life.

Feel the heaviness, feel it in the center of your being when you wake up tomorrow on December 21st, and push the covers away in an effort to go on. Wake up to live, tomorrow and today and forever, not to die.


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