The Republican (and Democrat) Zeal

Here’s the scenario: a history altering, society fragmenting paroxysm occurs (see: syndicated Prime-Time television slots, anything published by Erich von Daniken, all underground home-security-bunker manufacturers). Whether it’s 2012 or 2013 or 2058… time is irrelevant and by definition temporal, the date is arbitrary… so long as the DoomsDay event takes place within your lifetime. Picture it… pressed up to the crowd-control barriers at the Mothership’s red-carpet premiere, outside the door while Yosemite flushes her bowels, seas boiling and rivers sanguine and pestilence raging. With all of the modern conveniences shot to hell, the electrical outlets dried up from the inside out, humanity would be shoved back into the arms of nature…kind and cruel as she may be.

Life would get local, in a hurry. Airline executives would cease to exist and traveling salesmen would turn in their four-wheels for two-legs.  But worse than any plague of locusts or touched down aircraft, with their digital ensoulment at stake, people would find themselves face to face with their neighbors… conversing! It wouldn’t be by choice, but there are too many problems to be solved that require a group consciousness (and no porn left to keep us shut off in our bedrooms). There are the obvious issues concerning food & shelter & water, and more complicated matters like healthcare & education & establishing some semblance of law and order. Meetings will take place in church basements blooming with cigarettes and burnt coffee and all the conviviality, minus the BigBook.

Everyone takes a breath as things start to get tricky.

How do you establish a community? Where are the boundaries drawn, the circles extended to? How do you maintain a sense of unity, of trust, of cooperation & compassion, of a society based on the other and not the self… how do you prevent the inevitable murder & rape & pillaging & exploitation, a possee-based surge for control (aka owning the water supply and regulating the food stuffs, brandishing the big guns and burning the gasoline)? How do we prevent our atavistic genetic remnants from pushing back into the phenotype of humanity?

There are the religious who have been seeking and sought and will forever seek a strictly dogmatic and Church-regulated society. Many saints and bone-readers have predicted a golden age of Christianity, when followers live according to the code and all worship the same entity, angels & holiness & harmony. The upsides are obvious but the downsides wax heavy like an attack on free-will. Any structure claiming divine backing or a firm hold on the truth ought to be examined skeptically… when any social structure is based on the same & essential church-state relationship as Sharia Law (see: 9th century, buried in the Persian sands), most level-headed individuals back away.

Others… my good brethren the anarchists, the unaffiliated and unfettered humanists, Noam Chomsky & The Relentless Seven… they would call for secular communities, pockets of self-sufficiency and sustainability, where each man works according to his skills and is dealt with fairly by his peers, united with fellow worker & representing himself as himself, not via a partisan official. Eliminate the corruption, the control for power, give the voice back to the electorate… ideology is sweeter than honey because it has to mask a poison. What a joy it would be to thrive in Platonic tripartites of love and reason and equality! But the ancient Achaeans, like the anti-establishment heroes of today (however well-intentioned they may be), have underestimated the reptilian complex of the triune brain. Like attracts like in all group dynamics, and left unregulated and unrestricted the worst of humankind’s worst would hole up in the cities and urban areas, historically dark and dank breeding grounds… gang warfare and tribalism would reach new levels of bloodshed and metropolis’ would become so rife with despicability that leatherheads from Gomorrah would flinch at the scenery.

There are plenty of other ways to go about aggregating man to men other than the aforementioned (see: feudalism, Amazonian shamanism, Huxley’s Island), but countless flaws reveal themselves in each process. Are there any positive outcomes? Is their one unifying factor to keep us from destroying each other, and ourselves? The answer is simple yet incredibly powerful… the love of country (and the consumption of entheogens).

It is our Red White & Blue blood that would illuminate the path of uncertainty… coursing through our hearts and, during the most desperate of passages, our souls. The Patria, The Fatherland… the most important vehicle in a citizen’s life besides God. The simple gesture of waving a flag can bring a throng of idiots to silence (see: sports arenas before the tip-off/first-pitch/face-off)… eyes move to the air, weapons to the floor. Man/Woman needs a country to believe in, an entity outside of ourselves to guide the way when Mr. & Mrs. John & Jane EGO start cluttering the apartment complex with their over-sized wigs and long-legged stags.

In a moment of smoky afterthought last evening, I realized such morale, such patriotic zeal inhabited the deepest core of a dear friend of mine (call him Turk – and call this the ‘under the nose’ thesis). Turk is a stalwart Republican. Most of the azul has been diluted from his veins by steady doses of Dennis Miller & Glenn Beck & Sean Hannity & handmade potato vodka (the last of which I have no qualms). He is unsure of Obama’s citizenship status and has made it a personal matter to seek & destroy 9/11 conspiracy theorists… you get the picture (hell you’ve been conjuring St. John the Divine’s End of Days since the start of this article… just a step further). Despite all the chest-puffing and non-sequitors, Turk’s finest quality (amongst his many) is at the root of his Conservative ideals… a USA GO KICK SOME ASS mentality. I have seen him smoke a cigar and listen to the ‘America, Fuck Yeah!’ song on repeat for three or four hours, sipping on Bud Diesels and meshing himself into the dream of the cosmos… it is precisely that energy & undying belief in liberty that would carry us through an apocalypse, as well as a host of other challenges that don’t necessarily carry the same spiritual magnitude (and overall bummerishness).

The Left must love the Right for their Kentucky moonshine, pheasant hunting, tightly rolled cigarettes and pictures of Jesus above Ma’s kitchen… for Turk, the old sailor. The Right must learn that every point doesn’t determine the match, today is not our last and that we must save the battle cries for when we go to battle, not when we sit at the table of our brothers. Two sides and much to learn before one voice is reached… more to come.


6 Responses to “The Republican (and Democrat) Zeal”

  1. Z Says:

    I don’t think the answer is the love of country. This “country” is just another set of ideologies that means vastly different things to each of us. The answer cannot be in ideas which categorizes and bifurcates all of us, the answer is the love of all people as one. #endusandthem

    • kidkong10 Says:

      Ultimately, at some omega point down the space-time continuum, I absolutely agree. That’s why I mentioned early Christian philosophy because it predicts a time period before the apocalypse where mankind lives in a sort of utopic ecstacy on earth…early church communities resembled 60’s communes and artist collectives, an open forum for ideas where everyone was accepted and tried to live a life for other people. Here’s my problem though…unless you’ve been living out on Patmos eating stropharia cubensis since the first television set was activated, you know the current psychic state of mankind is NOWHERE near being ready to adopt this kind of a lifestyle. Capitalism, money, desire rule the playing fields. Something radical would be required for people to consider adopting the’culture of love’ that you recommend, and I think an apocalyptic event would be a fine start point. My proposition of ‘love for country’ as a way to get through such an event is just a way to trick people into loving eachother… it’s alot easier to drink a Sam Adams than wait through a Mass on Sunday to glug some cheap wine. Maybe the ‘love for country’ ethos could hold us over, through the transition period, until mankind was prepared to mentally & spiritually work on the level that I think both of us would agree is the best for everyone and everything. #godspeedandgreenweed

      • Zematoad Says:

        I don’t think it can move in that direction by adopting a type culture or lifestyle and the playing field isn’t too blame either. Even post apocalypse, with capitalism broken and castaway, there will always be conditions that present opportunities to cheat, steal feed greed and pillage for individual benefit. The transformation of the psyche is the battle. Changing societal structures on the surface of this country just can’t touch this root. I think the only course is in individual transformation. My belief is that good breeds good and bad breeds bad. A good deed isn’t an isolated incident but a seed that grows. Just as victims tend to grow up to victimize, it works both ways. I know this is simplistic because bad happens to the good–the most critical battle for the least equipped, but I like to think that any little part helps. Maybe I just think this to rationalize my capitalist participation and lackluster desire to serve others.

      • kidkong10 Says:

        At the end of the line it does come down to individual transformation… but shouldn’t the goal of ‘society’ be aimed towards providing human experiences that no longer require ‘transformation’ because culture is back on the right track? You would hope ultimately that new modes of living can free us from our current societal paroxycysms so we don’t have to deal with them again. Human systems breakdown often enough, but if you could create a sustainable & sucessful community based on the agapic principles we’re after, then maybe you could convince other people it is the way to go (the old “Look and see what the neighbors are up to, honey”). There is no motivation for transformation in 2012, the ego is in control… that’s why most of the planet is lucid-dreaming their way through what Augustine would deem a worthless life: one that goes unreflected. Here’s my theory: apocalyptic event is the catalyst, society fragments and has to re-structure itself based on some set of principles. We agree that current systems are inadequate, but you need to have some system in place… “there will always be conditions that present opportunities to cheat etc.” You have to account for this, so you try out different models… my argument is that we could start with the patria (a morale that the Greeks, the original philosopher kings, held onto dearly and centered their lives around (which you know already my fellow classics scholar)) and go from there. You can’t force people into a psychedelic/ Gaian based model (which is what I would prescribe) because our current culture currently has no familiarity with it… same with a Buddhist model or Christian mystic or Sufi time-traveler or whatever. I feel like you have to give people some kind of bridge, some kind of unifying principle to start off with. I hope you don’t confuse my ideal of ‘the fatherland’ with respecting American government systems… I think everything needs to be reworked, and the system is shit. Its more of the ideal, the archetypical energy that you could draw from it. Get back to me, very interesting thoughts

  2. Zeek Says:

    Ok, let’s consider the perfect societal structure that is chosen at the omega point. Even if we knew what it was, I don’t believe it would work any better than the current structure because of the current psyche of mankind today. That means it is not about societal structure at all. The structure is a byproduct of the transformation and won’t inspire the transformation. I would agree that some structure create conditions that are more or less likely to inspire this transformation, but none will outright lead to it. As long as a structure is in place so that you don’t have to fear the grizzly wandering into your cave and eating your family, the system is 95% there…allowing the opportunity for that reflection. If you have identified the trodden path of individual transformation then why are you digging up the surrounding trees and planting new ones?

    • kidkong10 Says:

      an outstanding obfuscation…this would be better understood if we could talk live and both be hammered on red wine, which i hope you were… not sure how to jump in but i gotta seal the last word since its my goddamn site…you need to read Creativity, Chaos & Cosmic Consciousness by T McKenna & Rupe Sheldrake. Society can absolutely promote transformation… it almost inevitably does, because you either buy in or you reject and search…our current structure is promoting transformation because of how fucked up it is…it has forced people like us to go outside of the pre-packaged box and find different modes of thinking besides the BUY BUY BUY SELL SELL SELL-ticker we are exposed to everyday. The trodden path idea is cryptic, but I would have to say that every tree is worth pulling up… the whole idea of life is celebrating being alive. Why not try buddhism or stoicism or read kabbalistic texts? Use all the resources available, that’s what I’m about…its too big of a battle not to (i.e. the battle for your soul).

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