Week 10 – Watch out for the Books

Week 9 was a rollercoaster… a double down on BALT… watching them meander hopelessly through the 3rd quarter like a pack of degenerate train conductors, unable to get anything rolling on the track…then “My mother$%#@*! man” Torrey Smith pulls one in to bust the field-goal obsessed Browns…laid off everything the rest of the day, unwilling to take my bankroll to Atlanta for Sunday night football. The books got scorched and I made a public pick that hit, all seemed well. All seemed ready for an Eagles Monday Night Revenge, atonement for the injury to Mike Vick in last year’s Monday night that busted my parlay. To boot I was siding with Vegas, an angry Vegas, an angry and broke Vegas… I cracked a cold one and waited for the referrees to start handing me the moneyline pick.

All I received from this game, however, was a bag of costly turnovers, red zone dysfunctionality, and an offensive line missing 4 starters…flaming catshit. Philly’s defense made some plays, but for the most part Brees was surgical and I didn’t see a 3 and out until nearly the 4th quarter. It all came down to red zone play calling for the visitor… four trips to the redzone with -1 scoring margin as a result (unfortunately yes, it is mathematically possible)???? After the clock struck 0:00 at the Superdome Andy Reid’s rental car turned into a pumpkin and Vick’s kevlar protection gear faded into a patchwork of dirty washcloths… last night was the final squeal, the last rattle of a desperate team and a desperate coach, a coach and a team whom I believed would fight it out a little longer (especially after the post-BYE week loss, come on guys). They had plenty to fight for, but at the end of the day it wasn’t enough.

Light the incense. Engrave the headstones. The season isn’t over, but the diagnosis is terminal in Philly…and my wallet.


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