The SEPARATION of Church and State

Believe it or not, you morally depraved methamphetamine distillers, but I attend mass on a regular basis… I do not necessarily conscript myself to a particular Church Body (notice the capitalization), but I do believe most services to be a place of positive energy and human convivality of the highest order. Given my upbringing, tradition, and the incessant shouts from my mother up the steps on Sunday mornings going back to grade school, the weekly trip to mass seems perfectly conditioned to me. Maybe my psychic state is that of a weak little fawn, Nietsche making fun of me in the distance… but maybe there is SOMETHING there. I’d rather try and be wrong than not try and be wrong… anyways, my justification of worship is done. Onto the good stuff.

I opened up the church bulletin (after the homily, which turned out to be a very interesting discourse on the agapic nature of God da Father) during a song interlude, right after a nice spiritual moment of peace and quiet up in the choir loft, and the pressures of the world flooded back into my mind. I want to break down the announcement into pieces, to imitate my own reactions taking place as the organ played and the cherubs danced between the astrals of stain’d glass light…

Unlike previous elections, this one will also address one of the Freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, the Freedom of Religion…love the capitalization, Mr. Dramat Ice Ffect… specifically the Freedom of Religious Conscience… must be a subsection of the Bill of Rights that I missed, and holy shit, it’s under attack? The government, for the first time in our history, has mandated that religious conscience, be subordinated to the current Administration’s demands… also missed the Attack on Conscience Bill that seems to be going through the house… The Catholic Church and other religions, are praying and speaking out against this assault on our principles. Well Author of paragraph one, I love your use of unnecassary commas (see: Mr. Dramat Ice Ffect) and war-cry jargon… subordination, assault, mandate… the intensity has been communicated by your eloquence. Whether you may be an Opus Dei mother with three bastard grandchildren or a rosary weathering spinstress who scoffs down each end of the street, the point came across. I feel the heat. Let’s continue…

Satan will play a big role in this election. WOW. Satan is on the ballot? I had no idea… holy shit what have I been reading? I knew Romney was a real son-of-a-bitch but, Satan? However, much moral guidance has been given to us in our weekly Church Bulletins (using the publication of the article as a verification of the truth… “why haven’t you been paying attention to our Neo-Con bulletin section this whole time?”… another bold play)…and by the U.S. Catholic Bishops (the same guys that said the nuns had nothing to do with the Church, despite them being the backbone of virtually all sucessful Catholic social justice efforts)  by differentiating between intrinsically evil policies such as abortion and same sex marriage…intrinsically evil? Well I guess they did say the devil was involved…and social justice activities where there are differences of opinoin but no intrinsically evil issues…love the repetition of EVIL…muah hahahaha (evil laugh)… As stated by the Church, the importance of instrinsically evil policies should never be preempted by the importance of social justice issues. Now I didn’t graduate from Harvard divinity, but to me the idea of trying to go after an issue of free will (abortion) that is conditional to the parties involved and only affects the parties involved, is much more short sighted than say going after  widespread cultural ideals that harm society, such as  ego, greed, deception and success at all costs…the capitalist model…but again, I hold no high level degrees. The idea of placing a hierarchy on how important life is (the Church’s insistence of placing the embryo as the lynchpin of human life…totally ignoring we, the living, the elderly and the sick and the awake) seems a dangerous game to me… three 80 year olds for two cryogenically frozen fetuses… and quantifying one social justice issue over another without any logical rationalization to back it… that’s more than dangerous, thats deadly.

It is only through prayer and adoration that our country will once again hold that God’s law is the foundation on which this nation was founded and that He alone is the True Source (again, the capitalization) of our cherished rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Boom. The Christian country argument, in a nutshell… manifest destiny anyone? Divine authority?  This firm idea that there is ONE, UNIQUE, PATENTABLE source of truth creates the essential problem of organized religion… each religion wants to be the commissioner of the league, when in reality they are only one component of a greater message, a greater truth of understanding what it is to be a human being. Catholics don’t have all the answers, and neither do the Jews or the Muslims… no one owns Logos, and it is certainly not acquired through a couple paragraphs from a church bulletin.

This election has nothing to do with religion, and as I stood to profess my faith, I realized that’s all faith is… a highly personalized relationship with the unknown, our personal human-ness coming to terms with the fact that forces exist outside of us, outside of our little Rumplestiltskin egos, that are far greater than anything we could ever hope to deal with in our limited cognition. There is no truth to find except the individual truth to our own experience… our own experience which is markedly different from everyone else’s around us. Truth is not absolute, nor is it relative… I’m not a fucking solipsist… it is an experience, a gut feeling, a courage to see what is right done in the face of what’s wrong. It is not written clearly for us in some dogmatic document…there are no rules to follow. The spirit moves us in ways that cannot be expressed in the strokes of phonetic characters…

No one’s religious freedoms are under attack this election. The only ideal under siege is the freedom to form our own informed positions.


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