Who’s on whose side?


How fucking awkward is this clip? ‘America the Beautiful’ performed in front of a crowd of thousands by Meat Loaf, two professional musicians, and a presidential candidate, everyone forgetting the words… Mr. Loaf is Adderall-Whisky black’d out, the other chaps are teetotaling but still remain complete outside of the rationality nuclei in their brains… Romney’s trying to sing but he can smell the gin and liquid PCP wafting off of Meat Loaf’s stained denim jacket and has gone into some type of smiley-face’d rapture… I loved the ending, “One more time everybody…” and the Loaf goes into speaking the rest of the first verse… another ramble into another microphone, for both Romney and the Loaf, flailing desperately to draw the attention of the crowd, a war between two sets of death-black pupils.

This has been the GOP campaign trail of 2012…and in many ways the Democratic…two steel rails hell-bent towards insanity while the captain maintains he is dead sober at the wheel, making the whole experience that much more frightening… people think this shit up when they’re OFF drugs…

It gets worse and worse every day… last week Pierce Morgan invited a trio of women for a triage of women’s rights for his talk show, dismally the only time of day I could grab some punditry… I witnessed an abomination. It was an obvious tag team, or I guess 3 on 1 if you grant Pierce a second X-chromosome… the host and a pair of beautiful reporters bucking heads and tackling issues against a heavily Botox’d WIDE :SMILING) neo-con princess… the tiara wouldn’t accept Mourdock’s statement as a gaffe, relinquishing only to say that it was good he apologized… the contest raged unfair and contrived and my opinions of all the FOX pundits reporters grew as both of CNN’s girls waxed a much smoother tone of estrogen than Ms. GOPB(londe) and were granted a far heavier dose of camera time. My point is the tracks go both ways… the culture of dichotomizing politics and issues and creating an “Us against Them” mentality” is so ego-involved and evil-associated I feel redundant typing any of this shit…if you haven’t seen it by now you’ve been funding in it, and even if you’ve seen it you’re still with this Super PAC of Nonsense.

Democrats and Republicans are equally culpable. The sentences they will serve for their crimes, however, will be delivered according to their participation.

Despite the adolescent back-and-forth, telling the teacher she said this and he did that, there are sides to take… and whether we like it the polarity exists and it is all we have to choose from (HST maintained throughout his career that politics were the closest thing to the gridiron)… there is good and bad, winners and losers… we all have a responsibility to fight for a side, for it is in the choice that makes us who we are and even more importantly makes us American.

Admittedly the choices are not all that sexy… neither candidate is flawless, neither is without their aligned and allied and indelible interests… but when you compare a net-worth of $6 million against $250 million (thank you Forbes), you realize there is a gradient for shittiness, and one of them leans further towards the dog park poop patch than the other.

Take another Romney backer, Mr. Sheldon Adelson. He is the richest Jew in Nevada… let that sink in. He’s so rich he’s been able to break from fellow members of the tribe and completely sever any ties to the Democratic party… for Mr. Adelson it all comes down to his companies’ bottom lines. CNN reported,  “After Gingrich dropped out, Adelson was at first reluctant to support Romney. After several meetings and conversations, however, Adelson decided to embrace the nominee.”

Hmm… I wonder what was discussed during said conversations (CNN should’ve done some dictionary sleuthing and realized it takes two people to talk to make a ‘conversation’)… probably went something like “I just sent in a $10 million dollar check for Restoring Our Future… here’s how the pony show is going to twist… I need my Chinese casino’s to double down in the next 5 years, so we’re going to call them currency manipulators and force that yen to appreciate…I need my taxes slashed by 50% because I want to convert my gold water fountains to platinum…and get your ass after Iran. IRAN IRAN IRAN… and if I ever hear you talk about Joseph Smith, gold-tablet bullshit…I swear to fucking Yahweh…” (the author takes great pride in his marching over miles and miles of journalistic terrain to ensure sure your sources are accurate, as can be)

The point is Sheldon’s wallet made his point for him, and Romney took it in the rear… consenting every moment. Dick and dick and more dick from the guy, in a Charlie Rose interview in 2008, who said that he refused to invest in anything he wasn’t an expert on:

“The disease we’re curing now is neurology,” rheumed (how is this not a verb) the sheckle hoarder.

Charlie tilted his head, off balance from the dense apparition of bullshit he found floating before him. “Diseases of the nerves?”

“Disease of the nerves… everyone wants to understand the reinnervation of the nerves.”

Leaning, further, “The regeneration of the nerves?”

Smiling, satisfied, Adelson quips, “Yes, and I’ve had a nerve attack before. Very painful.”

“How much are you willing to commit?”

Assured, still choking on his smiles, “Billions.”

There are sides to be taken and there are major players calling the shots and the decisions forged over the next couple of years are either going to make or break the fabric of our great nation. I implore, though, don’t follow the ball… follow the boys on the microphones… someone has to tell the referees what to do… Meat Loaf and Adelson and Donald Trump wired up, battery packs stored, eyebrows waxed and vocal chords waned… they represent one side of the struggle, and even through Nancy Pelosi never came close to being as aesthetically pleasing as Palin it remains critical to keep in mind THERE ARE VARYING DEGREES OF EVIL … and in this case, despite being pegged as anti-American and anti-Capitalist by John Boehner, less is more.

Much much more.

Do you really want Adelson and Trump and The Loaf sweating up your huddle?

I’d much rather have Slick Willy behind all of the play calls, a pocket-full-of loadstones and a strong taste for bourbon… he might make a buck or two on the deal (entitled by a certain Declaration of Independence) but at least he’ll be buying the drinks for the house  after the game. Good luck finding Mitty & The Boys at the bar, they’ll be haggling over tax-loopholes while they outsource all the bottled domestic beer.


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