Week 6: Searching for the High-Water Mark

Over a third of the way into the season, ascending a couple thousand feet up from the comforts of basecamp…the mountain remains as treacherous as I remember from previous years. The bankroll is rising but winter storms lurk at the edge of the sky, where sediment kisses water vapor and clay eye’d men huddle for warmth. Up for now, but I’m grabbing another blanket before I stick these tent poles into the rockface.

The Jets couldn’t betray me…I heard enough about the downfall of Sanchez and how the surging Colts were going to bury the greenbacks from New York…3 straight home losses for Rex Ryan??? I had already lost a girlfriend this month… there was no way Mike Westhoff wasn’t sending $20 into my pocket along with a back-handed comment about one of his reserve backs and a pair of fat titties. I should have double untit’d the game but I had good reads on Cleveland and the Rams and a lock with Green Bay so I decided to not get greedy…though I should have swallowed my own advice from last week and layed off NE and BALT, fucking east coast patsies…Bellicheck is not the same Admiral of Destruction this year and Brady has become too complacent laying pipe with Jezelle all the time… the 49ers laid an egg on me and all of a sudden my afternoon had almost wiped out the morning pick-ups…all that remained was Green Bay…

I believe in the NFC North, a product of hard-earned Chicago living and dying through the past twenty-five years…Texas was a sexy public pick, and the bait was cast…the Pack had failed to make me any coin for the year and I figured Aaron wasn’t going to let the family go 0-2 for the weekend after little bro donated his bones to Florida’s front four… I doubled down before kickoff and knew I had hit by halftime and celebrated until the last whistle convincing myself that Monday should be an easy lay off… be happy with what you have, caveat emptor, yada yada yada… lo, as any good bettor knows, the prime time games separate the boys from the girls…I laid off the pregame action because there was no chance I could post a bet on San Diego and Normandy ‘Bomb Squad’ Turner, even though it seemed like the right play…a snake in the grass, waiting for that perfect 24-0 first half, loving the 5 points for Denver to cover in the second…Peyton on prime time? Come On, MAN! All went according to plan, readying another week of smiles and bathroom breaks with the back page of the sport’s section until Thursday…


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