Week 3 Chi (ch-ee_wop-do-wop)

Big week 3…no nonsense, straight gut killing picks… except for  ignoring my shoddy history of the Eagles against the Cardinals… despite the obvious, I still came up 3 units and felt alright enough to make work Monday morning…needless to needlessly say things are alright.

The end of the 4th in Baltimore… never have I heard a crowd shout “BULLSHIT” so synchronized and in such a contentious manner…they wanted blood, and there very well might have been, but luckily John College took the Ravens second half at -3 down a touchdown, playing the Captain Obvious card…the fans calmed down, the Ravens punched in a late field goal (even with the miss I would’ve covered), the universe was alright on Sunday. But to have the television pundits (see: useless no talent ass-from-elbowers), the fans, the players, basically everyone except Goodell…to have them spewing this collective hate and dissatisfaction at the officiating crews (which in almost all cases was justly due)… it was an embarassment for the league.

Goodell, get your money-grubbing act together and take care of business. (PERIOD)

At least the magic Jets hit (see: donate a quarter to the church for another candle lighting) and the Bengals hit (RG3 is my personal vendetta bitch this year, dangerous or not… I dont know if I hate him because he’s black or he’s black and good, but I will make money off this bag of Mason Dixon…let Washington believe, he’ll make a great date for the Correspondences’ Dinner next year…ROOKIE BULLSHIT…dont buy it and dont belive it…only Cam can go 6-0 his first run against the spread…make money off of the rest of these patzers)…Atlanta was easy money against the ‘Cant Play Until November’ Chargers…fuck the Bronco’s and Peyton’s bullshit (until I bet on him next week)…ramble ramble ramble…

I’d stay away from the grit tonight…you feel Green Bay will bring the whooping stick to Pete C, but if that first drive doesnt have the neccessary gusto against the home crowd…could be another long, and awesome, night for the cheesieldicks…no way they hit 1-2 ATS this year…but they’re still cheesieldicks…and the Saints are 0-3… so its safe aways and money hold-outs until the Thursday match up between (looking…) Browns and Ravens, -13…hmmm… I smell another trap. Maybe it’ll be Sunday afternoon, but you’ll be hearing back from me again.



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