This week’s sign of the apocalypse…

When do you know the news is bullshit? When you wake up and drip a steaming pile of oatmeal into your system?  It requires only a minimal amount of research (given the depth of data-based networks and the ever-reaching tendrils of the internet…0’s and 1’s…1’s and 0’s)…a small parcel of distance between yourself and the machine…yet so many people are unable to accept the daily contradiction that exists in their lives…they need the 10 Commandments, they need CNN.COM, they need something to anchor themselves to in the psychic-free mechanical wasteland in which sado-capitalist America has prescribed itself to, in this, our year of the Lord, 2012… when do you know its all bullshit? When do you wake up and realize you have been eating New-Path pharmaceuticals and shooting up Substance D (see: death, death, death…non-rapid unconscious decay) between First Communion parties and afternoon gaps where the wife attends baby showers and tupperware parties? When Will We Wake Up?

My arrival from sleep came early this morning…walking from the train to the fetter’d ball and chain… walking and waiting with my hangover, a cigarette…I crept into the sanctioned space our (the royal we) CEO had left for me (because I matter, even though there’s no I in team)…synaptic resonance was so far away… I clicked and found this:

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — U.S. President Barack Obama strongly condemned Wednesday the killing of J. Christopher Stevens, Washington’s ambassador to Libya, in a mob attack at a U.S. Consulate, fueled by anger over a film mocking Islam.

Obama called the attack “outrageous,” and confirmed that three other Americans were killed by rockets fired at the U.S. Consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi.

“Chris was a courageous and exemplary representative of the United States,” Obama said.

An “angry crowd” marched on the U.S. compound Tuesday, furious about an American-produced online film considered offensive to Muslims, said Libya’s Deputy Interior Minister Wanis al-Sharif .

How much fucking time do Libyans have on their hands to riot over a YouTube video? A terrible YouTube video… try your best to watch this artistic endeavor…… softcore porn at its worst. The idea that this video created a violent outburst that resulted in an Ambassador’s death is a complete farce. How do CNN’s readership allow this bullshit propoganda blasting to continue? The video has 303 views… causing a riot over an embassy in Libya? Really? I can hear them now, ‘It must be those damn Mooslims, rejecting technology and progress, unable to hand some humor and jabbing from a liberated democracy’… what a ballsy agenda these bastards have.

The American dignitary to Libya had it coming, guaranteed. He fucked with the wrong guy’s mother and he took a rocket to his midsection as a punitive measure. People are naive and think ‘How can an African ambassador make money?’…there’s no way our interests reach that far…he must be a kid back from a PeaceCorps stint determined to make a difference…the tragedy, the loss of life, the mayhem…Africa HAS TO BE the enemy… uneducated, un-Christianized, un-urbanized neophytes to the human existence…we must plant the dream in their heads…

No my friends… we are the enemy. We don’t send anyone anywhere without an agenda…there’s too much cash at stake, too many Wall St. tickers ticking…. especially Africa where the regulations are nil and the resources are ready to become erstwhile. We’ve pissed some one off, some one that took it personally…imagine a foreign group of high collared bastards plundering between US borders and ripping off taxpayers and snapping pictures with rictus-fixed children all in the meanwhile…its rather difficult, because the slightest inkling, the lowest level warning of any of this nonsense, and it would send the people into a frenzy… or at least our Western media would bury the story to the ground for a week and a half… the point is you woud fucking know.

Wait and see what happens with this one. I don’t trust it. People don’t start firing rockets at eachother, at Americans, for shits and giggles. I don’t care if this is Africa or not…stay armed (as they would have it).

PPS: Thanks #RaiderNation back-up long snapper…muchos gracias, very much, you fuck…you gave Philip Rivers the opportunity to gain another victory while posturing as a quarterback, looking adept at his position and scoring points, albeit fieldgoals…a true feat by today’s league standards.

Come on, man.


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