Kliph “the fucking man” Spurlock


Chicago is marijuana friendly, finally. A good day for the good guys, the ones trying to be friendly despite a world of ever increasing unfriendliness. It is easy to wonder why it took the powers that be this long to tie it all up, then you stop wondering and start connecting the dots, once you consider the process and the people involved with creating this type of social change. The hypocrisy, the lies, the majority morality, the untold sums of moneys earned imrisoning teenage minorities… the track record America has accumulated fighting marijuana is FUCKING ABSURD.

The war on drugs,  the drinking age, the outlaw of gambling… Who have we let get in charge of 21st century America?  I have some ideas… the girl who tattled on you in gradeschool for saying ‘crap’ in the dug out of a kick-ball match between Mrs. O’Ryne’s and Ms. Gilfooly’s classes… those bushy eyebrow’d shits that called Metra police because you reeked like pot on the train ride back from the day’s trip to consumeracapitacentra… text messaging mother’s of five Polo Co. wearing cross eye’d tikes… the penguin parade of suits stepping out of their Taxi Cabs and zippering up their plastic little fly’s before the quick trip to the barista… feel-copping slaves of their television sets… a generation still in love with their parents and proselytizing on behalf of the Regan administration’s ghosts… it’s getting a little easier to see now, isn’t it? They are the one’s who have bought the MiChrOstianitySoft version of the bible, annotated and updated quicker than CERN clocks a spinning Higg’s boson…all to make them RIGHT.

I am glad the rational side has somewhat prevailed in this particular city at this particular time, but I don’t see the honeymoon lasting for long. Decriminalization is not legalization, and too many other systemic cancers exist to make this anything worth celebrating… bankrolls are only growing bigger while my saving’s account struggles to stay above the mandatory minimum. More cameras and CCTV are on the way…tapping cell phones, recording bank transactions…we are becoming a society obsessed with watching itself in the mirror, double and triple-checking the tabs to see if we’re trending… all while the big fish hire analysts to discover where the next dollar might be wrenched from. That is their draw, their scantily dressed Greek woman on the shoreline, the dollar squeeze…  it is the only dream they can sell you… and as long as they guilt you into feeling like every other God-fearing man and woman out there is after it, they’ve won.

We have been cut off from the spirit worlds, but now at least we can be stoned while we try to re-establish connection. Still, remain vigilant and be on guard for the JPM’s and the BofA’s and the ChaseManHat’s…killers in the snow. They won’t go away so easily.


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