Nothing else between or before, firing firing firing… this is it. John College has realized his graduate school potential. Freedom, freedom of press and of mind and of heart and of spliff and the pressure pushing back from front row hand railings, this is what we fight for. To say and to speak coherently and functionally and outside of the constraints holding together the gassed tracts of humanity. Don’t breathe in the poison, instead DO… do it all. Write smoke drink think play see shout run and fight. Not for victory or for hope or sustainability, for the NOW. For what we all need.


Stop, sicker than the last we saw

We stopped, for a second

It hobbled, and hastened and lights lights

Lights hit it in the face

This piece of life was once a college dream, but now nothing

more than another ticker

on the tape parade

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT. It hurt and we

hit and that’s it.

You didn’t want victory…


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