First Day Sober (poem, not today)

I walk down the steel tunnels

See my angels

Legs, hairless, resplendent

pillars of love and fuck

and hope, silent blonde

dark light white black,

I dream life into them all. A taste

at the front of their eyes,

a glance up,

a smile down,

they tickle past me and

disappear into the city’s

ether, forever.

For those ones, I turn, to impress

one last image of their

themselves onto my soul,

but whenever I do

another one, running up front,

 fast and upset

at my eyes, stuck onto

different flashes of light…

I try to apologize,

they dissapear too.

No half pints or smokes outside

the office, no need, not

with that last smile… golden locks

and fiery iris, lapis lazuli

beauty. She curled up and breathed

life into my stumbling steps,

direction on these aching


No, no, no half pints today.


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