philisophical utterances on a Sunday with the synth on

the death of marriage is the death of the modern system. it uproots the hold of ancient religious doctrine on our modern secular society. we have to never marry and make collectives of altruistic light beams and not hold jealousies over the body or men or woman. the death of the modern system means the death of capitalism which means the end of the dollar power and the beginning of the spiritual currencies which will pay for mankind’s further conscious evolution. it is a hard thing to think about, to break down the family structure so ingrained into our DNA and RNA and cerebral cortices by nurture, but more than two people must raise a child and more effort needs to be offered in the raising of fresh packages of human energy. it is hard to think this because i love some one very much, but the concession to the systems must end. we must unite and create our own atmosphere of existence, and make it conductive to the universe’s best gamma waves. a great change on our part will precipitate raindance love songs and oceans full of magic tides.


One Response to “philisophical utterances on a Sunday with the synth on”

  1. Joker Says:

    Well said

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