Ancient Mission Statements still ring true

(written early 2010)

The dream doesn’t wait for us in the next band or alliteration heavy sub-genre moniker or obscure sub-printed publication; it stirs when man engages the space between his fellow man only with omega in mind. His own omega, a climaxic rush of oneness with all beings around him, can only manifest when we cease to see with our ego-splicing eyes and to abandon ancient paradigms that have themselves only become weapons for our aforementioned retinas. The systems in place need to come down. The things we teach our children need to radically change. Every television set needs to be deactivated and shot into space with the quarterly report waging CEOs and all their portly, viagara munching tennis partners.

Capitalism is in dire need of a transformation towards altruism, for if not surely it will serve as the mortician for man’s own funeral. Imagine if intelligent life could evolve for another million years? I believe our progeny would find themselves at a wheel of consciousness navigating some truly wild rides, and I think that is something to keep our shit ass species headed on a nobler course. Though the chips are undeniably stacked against this…

You reach a certain point where you have to stop hating your fellow man so you can stop hating yourself. One doesn’t come without the other; probably something to do with those dastardly mirror neurons. Being hyper critical of the twenty first century requires an intelligence level equivalent to that of playing tic tac toe, so it is necessary we don’t “wallow in the mire.” The imperative must be to engage the youth movement, the desperately aching to be a counterculture type, in an enlightening and realistic discourse about the potential for change. It can’t be a slash and burn political campaign propagated by measly celebrity profiles and catchy acronyms for make-believe social programs. Things like this take time, patience, and a damn inspired attitude. I think this scene is ripe for a change and all it needs is something to take refuge in amongst the nebulous and suffocating nature of Western culture.

In the afterbirth of post-modernity and the sickness of global markets mankind has lost its sense of relation. We social network alone for hours on end researching people we talk shit about with our friends. We happy hour at fancy bars and pay $9 a pint so someone can see us when they social network. Is this not fucked up?

Every good ship needs a sturdy anchor and every little boy or girl needs dear songs to hold true in their hearts until they gulp their last swoosh of air. Our generation needs an anthem and a vision, and if you will it, it will be. If everything goes to plan I think Steinbeck might finally get his due for In Dubious Battle.


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