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If Mark Zuckerberg (sp.) wasnt such a shit face…

February 24, 2011

  He would change culture for the better. He would save us from the cacophonous buzz of consumption and image construction and the fingerblasting of man’s creative mind. He would let the youth speak and have their voices heard. He would mobilize the right minds and the right hearts and unlock the doors that lead to unseen but completely attainable places in time and space and energy teeming with bodhisattva potentiality. He wouldn’t think about a payout check to re-renovate his six door Ferrari garage. He wouldn’t buy his next piece of coke caked pussy off a purple black BelAir pimp named Chunk. He’d think about karma for one second and make it his own and say something that wasn’t backwashed in a mind muddying advertising campaign or a frontal cortex deafening phone upgrade jingle. He wouldn’t have made his first contribution as a name tarnished, Hollywood celeb doling out a cardboard check to a school system in a city he wouldn’t dare show his face in. He’d run through the ever expanding matador’s curtain and embrace the possibility of the youth being in a position to make a move for the better and the saner and the more love wielding ass kicking America that we should be, and he’d help them because he’s one of them and not one of Them. But he is Them. He employed and en massed Them. He gave Them access to us and our CVC codes and said fuck them while his pocket fattened. Well fuck him and fuck facebook and fuck you if you participate in any of that worldwide web of self suck fuck bullshit. But not really. I love you and I just hope you can see it all for what it really is. Claim your souls and your selves and your time back, all in one motion. How much of your workday, ass humping 9 to 5 existence do you wish that you had a minute to yourself? To think, and hope, and god fucking forbid, dream. To write some one you love a letter, with your miraculous and dexterous hands.  Well take it back. Take it all back and dream and set your spirit free of this culture of bubble wrapped ego discos and never give Mark or Bill or his It’s Complicated friend Mary another moment of your life in a world that doesn’t exist. Live with us here. It is a good place.