Two New Sizzlers

Increased blissbuilding titanic mounting wall waves continue to rush from the belly of winter. These are all works by H.D. Wilde, a dear good friend of mine, and he wanted you to have them. Continue on as the days grow lengthwise and the moon stirs clockwise. Good Love and Be Well.



The scary man stretches out the window across

from my bedroom where the light stops

shining and his orange stick shakes in the blackness

smoke fills everywhere around him, he exhales.

Mommy and Daddy shake their heads mad

at and him as he swings his head and talks to himself

silly and sad. They Yell. I want him to stop. Every night.

he hangs, alone, breathing and buying time

out his window, where the darkness just begins


Odyssey Tracking

Let go of our hope shadows

Hanging sirens of light

Stop the sounds all around that surround you

Let go the fight


Coat me in blood, and cloak me

Wise betrayers of man

You send us a savior you save us

Then burn us at stands


Now the nighttime is broken

Clouded cities vault still

Beneath the sun and the soot we stand

To be, our only will


Run fast, run hard be steady

Become your own soul

To say you lost nothing and loved it

All you wanted is lost


All you want is control


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