reviewereviewer- GlitterBones @ Empty Bottle 1/19

Karma’s mysteries too oft go unnoticed, but last night the sacred mind of the universe directed my sensory perceptions at the only display capable of healing a wounded, hard fought day of punching digits and controlling myself from punching out a supervisor. The dark bitterness of January and the stale empty residue that cakes the bank account and pieces of the soul after the holiday season had been administering a vice grip around my heart, and leaving work it seemed like a night at the Bottle might not even be worth my bad vibes. Luckily, like most things, I was wrong, and a night of chasing Molly through the pool rooms and tar splattered back nooks of Western Ave.’s swinging saloon was the only remedy for my eternal hate of all things corporate and  capitalistic.

It’s not a Wednesday night without a tour of the bar backalley blowing hard from a tin foil vessel of chemical guarantees, and it was Wednesday, so hey. IT hit quick and hard and by the time we had figured out which pack of girls to go after and pushed a bunch of queens away from center-stage, GlitterBones were just breaking on. My only experience of the Bones has been with their bandcamp website ( after a recommendation from a friend. They sounded like early Panda Bear, wide open yet dense, but more electro’droned out, more astral than animal. I was instantly turned on and pledged to myself that I would witness their them live as soon as possible. Last night was the fulfillment of that promise.

They were ethereal, cosmic and rising,  mixing Dilla-esque fat percussion pops with synth’d, Buddhist chanted out vocals, streamlined by a pair of guitars and a table-full of knobs and pads and boards. The songs were not recognizable from anything off their EP Amulet Calls, which leads me to believe they have isolated the things that make them pop and are inflating them to nearly infinite proportions. Their pace was fantastic and their presence was natural and cozy with all three members crunching together front and center. They played about 7 songs during their set in front of less than a hundred hippy hippy hoorahh’s bobbing and weaving to the trance love sonic thundercloud that was extending from the main floor and back to the bar.

If you want to support local music, Chicago music, and music that seeks to eliminate categorization or definition, the bones are for you. My friend who has seen Animal Collective live always bummed about their live shows, but after last night he pronounced the bones had that live magic production heavy bands like AC often miss out on. We talked to Nick the guitarist after the set between the second and third bands and hopefully a full LP will be in the works this spring with an intention to play more gigs and garner a cult like following. I think their talents will take them far beyond a lemonade drinking band of featherdress-wearing spazflakes that like to stay out late and blow up their pupils on Wednesday nights. I hope this band can gain the local attention they deserve (the redeye music section is usually pretty good at scooping up quality local groups, but the bones have been completely off all media radar screens) and carry their unique witch-house one-love sounds to a grander stage.

People need to hear this music, and they need to hear it now. Support your local artists, goddamnit!


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