Economy of Love

Last Thursday I solidified a life thesis at my local watering hole (where most life theses occur- check that hot plural out) with my mad-man cousin : the twenty first century has been the most religious time period in human history, but it has been the least spiritual. I use religious because it invokes an idea of dedication and priority adjustment, of people following a mindset blindly because some one said they should. Western culture has created a hell on earth with our religions of money, greed, consumption and social status. Where is the love, where is the hot potato of spiritual centeredness?

About two hours into our pinting, some 55-year old FACE (fuck-ass capitalistic extreme-o-phile) intercepted an elegant conversation regarding the subtleties of the female nipple in order to enlighten us on the importance of contributing to the economy and the evil behind Obama’s tax policies. I sat in silence for a good ten minutes (he bought us each two beers) before we were able to thank him for the suds  and politely say go fuck yourself. It was tolerable while beer was flowing down into my jejunum,but once I bottomed out and realized that this is what every American adult is like, a money-grubbing economy pushing facebook junkie, my anger bubbled up through the alcohol and out of my mouth in the form of, “Dude, we really could give a shit. You’re talking to two kids who dumped 30 g’s into a college education struggling to pay student loans and hoping to move out of the house. Fuck your economy and your system, it doesn’t work. We shouldv’e all moved to LA at 18 and said fuck college and jobs and became musicians or bums or both.” This planted an idea in my head, but more on that later…

Anywhoosies, I’ve decided to begin supporting a new economy, an economy of free love and free thought and independent observations, an economy that gives kickbacks in the form of Blue Dragons at a Flaming Lips show, an economy of 12 twenty-three year olds living in a foreclosed house making art all day. This is the stuff of life, not dollars and sense.

In order to prop up my own Chicago Exchange of Good Vibes, I am going to start posting local happenings, people places things, that don’t sacrifice human interaction for a pay-check and a profile pic. Let’s get fucking UN- distracted people.

Todays Hot Stock Ticker- Glitter Bones (GTRB)

Local band who I have fallen in love with this summer, they make me feel like I’m watching the creation of the world described in the Vedas.  Airy, electro-psych, drony. All good things as far as I’m concerned, and they seem like a band capable of pushing that particular genre (a difficult feat given the number of acts going this direction these days). Check out their EP Returning the Magic or their other Amulet Calls and be on the lookout for them at Schuba’s or Joe’s or Subterranean. Invest well mi amigos, our economy is in your hands.

Free Listens:


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