FOX, I love thee

Tuesday night Cub’s games are dangerous business, when you’re employed. When you’re not, the danger becomes careless weekend fun on a Tuesday and sooner rather than later you’re staring straight down amidst a sea of streams in the Addison St. troughs. Getting back on the Blue Line provided to be a more enjoyable ride than usual, and once I got to Harlem Ave. the Hawks were guaranteed a win. I’m not a hockey player, but this certainly was the making for a stone-faced drunk watching of FOX news.

God Bless you Sean Hannity. He was the first face I could extrapolate from the violent whizz of television pixels that line danced in front of my eyes. He looked as cunning as ever, and when a young 13 year old black male came onto the split screen, I knew the following banter would be of the highest quality.

Isaiah Reagins was not the most elegant guest on Channel 64, but he had a mastered the language well enough to describe a scene of serious implications. His monologue highlited the facts: he was a black male with an afro and a sharp tongue, his teacher was busily navigating between menstrual cycles, and their paths crossing rendered a bloody scene of punching, kicking, and adult abuse.

Hannity was unphased by the youth’s account. He reached over for a sip of water after Mr. Reagins completed his version of the facts, and casually he pointed towards the screen and said, “Now, I want to talk to the lawyers with you.” The two middle aged Jewish attorneys glistened at Seanny’s response and began to dominate the conversation while poor Isaiah made multiple attempts at managing his hair’s overall shape.

I began to think what Nancy Grace might have said to the defenseless boy after the clip played that featured the violent accosting. She is a fellow Jesus loving righty friend to Mr. Hannity, so I figure the comparison is fair. Even though Isaiah was darker than night, she must have offered some sympathy or condolences to him after the emotional account. Maybe a simple “Are you okay?”, or after a few highballs even, “You are a brave young man.” With Mr. Hannity, there was no concern. The boy was a liar before he opened his mouth, and rather than asking the young man more about the origin of the altercation, Mr. Hannity took it to the legal eagles. Might as well make the bastards earn a retainer, but come on.

I was mortified by his abrupt, abrasive response and I only hope to illuminate a small moment of clarity that I myself experienced. The machine is so broken it is disturbing, but the fact that more people are investing in it is the most treacherous aspect of our times. Stay vigilant for this bigotry and subconscious hate; it is the same nonsense that got people to burn books.


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