Summer Songs

To all the uncrowned gypsy princesses, the soot-caked canvassing vagabonds, the still-semi autonomous acid heads and all the rhythm infused soul children of the streets: our stars have aligned and the time to mobilize the revolution is now! The mind trapping infrastructure of  our Adam Smith inspired society is approaching a tipping point with furious momentum, and a few more pushes are going to give the Nazis more than they can handle. I can’t wait to experience the satisfaction of looting a Starbucks. This tidal energy I am speaking of is directly related to impending summer solstice, so grab your tambourines and run barefoot through a chilly June night using only the fireflies as your guide. We have left the winter over-saturated with gloom and have glanced past the broken promises of spring. It is May; the school yards are clear, new music is being released, beers are frosty and the sun brings a welcome warmth.

Enough promoting anarchistic tendencies. I recently engaged in a THC inspired debate that I think will bring some amusement and intrigue to you, my dear reader. Music from headphones vs. music in open space…let it marinate. I was violating six or seven traffic laws hightailing it through suburban hell, and a song came on the radio (this is where I plug 93XRT, the boss of Chicago radio) that I had only listened to on my iPod whenst commuting to and from school. The song felt completely different being in a car as I  mercilessly cranked the volume to max and continued to speed well above the legal limit, and I realized the environment in which music is consumed is almost as important as the sonic components themselves. I obviously had to purchase an iPod car attachment, and in the past three weeks I have found more excuses to run errands than ever before. Long drives have never been so welcome.

In regards to the aforementioned debate, however, I am unable to speak ill of the headphone option. They are certainly the most utilitarian of listening devices and have personally saved my sanity on one or two heavy mushroom trips. They accomplish their sole purpose, and for me that is the key trait in any worthy electronic device: integrity. (Scene-me speaking to an electronic device. Me: All I want from you is that you work. End Scene.) Headphones also have an uncanny ability to stave of thoughts of suicide at 6:15 PM on the Blue Line headed home, lending more to their utilitarian M.O.

At the end of the day, it depends on the situation involved and what your goals are when listening to music. Do you want to relax and take a load off or strap up into your finest moshpit threads and stomp face drunk on whiskey? Whatever you fancy, the end result should be some feeling of spiritual harmony in spite of all the madness this 21st century has flooded us with, because good music connects us to the source. 

Enough rambling and debating, I feel like I’m in a fucking high school Brit Lit class with Ms. Twentythreeandnevergivenhead. It is time to get to the meat of the piece. The purpose of my post today was to inform you of a song that I caught while cruising in the same Volvo through the same suburbs breaking the same laws that inspired my headphones debate. It is hard to pick a summer song while you’re still in the moment because it is usually something you decipher once you’ve had the experiences and can reflect on what song was there with you through it all. I am taking the backward approach (not recommended when sleeping with a girl for the first time) in this matter and am nominating a summer anthem before we have even tasted June. The song encompasses all the fiery passions I associate with late dawns of love making and deep glasses of Tennessee sour mash, so don’t be startled when you hear the song and feel like you’ve taken your seat in Nirvana.

The Nightgowns are a band I am unfamiliar with and (un)fortunately have failed to make the necessary journalistic inquiries to garnish more information about them. Sometimes the details are secondary. I know this: their single, Buoy, bubbles with melodic ecstasy and displays a serious knack for lyrical prowess. Headphones or not, I guarantee if you want to kick off any worthwhile adventure or just enjoy another night of High Lifes, backyard fires and bullshit, this song will orient your soul into the proper cosmic alignment. Buoy by The Nightgowns. Let the ride begin!


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