Super Bowl XLIV- 10 for 10


Let me first start off by congratulating the Saints (not that they were waiting for my comment) on their 31-17 victory over the Hoosier Horses Sunday night. I also want to thank them for keeping the first half a low scoring affair, and holding the Colts on their final drive on a fourth down stand, keeping my under call on a 53 1/2 point spread. The Saturday before, I ended up rolling in a high speed convoy out to the West side of Chicago to drink fine import beers and make wagers with my oldest compadre around. Our collective enthusiasm for the upcoming finale for the NFL season created a rabid energy in his folks’ living room, and soon enough pens and papers were out and betting strategies were being solidified.

I have to admit, at his first bequest at Game Winner I wanted to take the Colts, and leaned that way heavily until he said he wanted the Colts in the coin toss. I then decided to go whole heartedly on the Saints in the coin toss, and proceeded to pick them as my ultimate winner. Instead of doing the standard bets, my amigo and myself decided to spice up the event and make a 10 bets at 10 dollars a bet, hit or miss type of system. He would call a bet, and I would have first stab at the outcome. Like I said a few import ales had been consumed, as well as some other mind enhancing cracker jacks, so the betting became a bit outrageous.

Some memorable calls:

The WHO close with: me- Won’t Get Fooled Again, mad matt- Baba O’Reiley. I made the original bet, so when he called Baba O’Reiley I thought I was done for. Then it occurred to me that silly CSI SVU BBC whatever the hell ya call it show was a CBS program, and had Won’t Get Fooled Again as the intro song. Suddenly I was a lock, and sure enough Pete Townshend hooked me up, open flare shirt and all.

National Anthem sung by American Idol contestant: me- No, mad matt- yes. I had to play the odds on this one, but I knew I was dusted when I didn’t recognize the chick singing it or her name, but her look was all to familiar of the American Idol female prototype. Good call for the Swede.

First pop commercial: me-Pepsi, mad matt- Coke. Brittany Spears’ boobies were shaking around my head at this call. Pepsi didn’t field a commercial for the whole game. I guess those fourth quarter numbers weren’t enough to field some celebrity skin this SuperBowl ad season, what a shame.

Ultimately, I ended up taking six of the ten bets and pocketing twenty smackaroos to cap the 2009-2010 pigskin season. The season as a whole treated me pretty well, but there’s always room for improvement for next year. There were patches where my dedication wavered and I didn’t make as many comments to you as I would have liked, but this season has been rough on us all. And don’t forget the fresh hordes of green fans with their pockets bulging waiting for a fleecing, and who better to do it than yours truly. Maybe if you stick around for the ride, I’ll flip you some of the action.

Keep steady the path good friends, and we will keep all the news, sports, sex, drugs, and American dreams you can handle within your reach. Good luck, and drive safe.



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