Another Strange Trip, Football Included

The annular solar eclipse brought with it devastation and nature’s wrath, specifically in the form of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked the island nation of Haiti this past Tuesday. You could barely call it a nation now; by virtually all accounts the place is on the brink of turning into a free for all, with violence escalating over basic essentials like food and water. I hate referring to the death toll because I feel it makes light of lost lives and tends to take away from how the tragedy strikes many on much more personal levels, but reportedly 50,000 have been lost in the last three days. This may be a shocking estimate and sell newspapers, but those 49,999 probably don’t mean a damn to the husband or wife of some one who lost a loved one amidst the ruins. Many will not be found for burial, and thousands of corpses have found resting places along streets or barricading intersections. The scene is gruesome, mortifying.

It is strange in moments like this to reflect on how lucky we are in our soft Western world bubbles, pre-wrapped and packaged in aluminum foil for us, well insulated. I don’t know if its for good or for ill, but anyone who doesn’t consider themselves fortunate to not be at the breaking ground is a fool. CNN ran reel after reel of pure human carnage, and although we tend to over deify ourselves in various circumstances, the dignity for life must be a priority. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go to them, and we must use our resources on both the individual and state levels to provide whatever relief we can. I am making a small contribution, and though I don’t intend on boasting over charity, it is something for us all to think about.

Anyways, I would like to now take a complete shift of gears, so bear with me as I rev myself up and start spewing out some football. Last week was a split, with my picks of Baltimore and Dallas making me some cash (Baltimore was the big, and Ray Rice came through as anticipated). Ochocinco and Aaron Rogers let me down, and I went against my own playoff betting rules of “To Hell with Forcing yourself to root for Green Bay” and “forget betting on a team led by a showboater who is unproven in the playoffs.” Lesson Learned.

Tomorrow, I like the Cardinals taking down the Saints in the over, as you can’t bet low on gunslinging quarterbacks in the playoffs. I think this is Kurt Warner’s final season, and this guy is simply magic in the playoffs. Talk about doing work, he has a Superbowl record for passer rating and knows how to take a team through the walk that is the NFL postseason with a number of impressive victories with various teams spanning his career. The Saints will come out and take it to the end, but I just can’t ride the New Orleans bus into defeat. Mark it here, Warner is Bowl bound as I said in December/November.

Game 2 is a Colt’s no brainer in the under, but I’m not sure ‘t they cover the spread. Give up to 3 or 4, but anything over 7.5 might put it out of reach. This is playoff football. I think it will be a grittier game, and Manning surely will lead the Colts to victory as the reins are unleashed and he is allowed to fire all cylinders for a full game. He also has the bitter taste of the last few playoffs in which the Colts had first round byes but failed to win a game. I think Flacco et al. fight a tough battle, and the kid performs well as both defenses provide problems for opposing QB’s, but it won’t be enough for Indy’s wonderboy. Don’t expect Rice to carry his team into another victory wither with a well coached Colts DFence, so watch the Colts take it down at home.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow, and I hope we all meet at the bar ’round midnight with fat wads of cash oozing out of our pockets because of these blockbuster calls. If not, thanks for another read and keep your noses to the proverbial grindstones. Achoo.


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