WildCard Weekend

Dear Esteemed Readers,

I apologize sincerely for my abrupt hiatus. Unfortunately, your author has a tendency to veer from the path of dedicated and timely publishing in order to pursue of other follies, and you will have to bear with him, as he would surely do the same for you. In all seriousness though, lets get our eyes back to football and the wacky happenings of the world the past week.

J-E-T-S. New Jersey’s team. I hate to say it, but they are going to make the AFC championship game. They look good, and they have a savvy that indicates intentions of victory in the grueling NFL playoffs. Mark Sanchez has been the most steadily rising rookie stock option, and their defense looks fit and murderous. Such a combination is often lethal, as quarterbacks hold the key for Super Bowl success (consider why the Patriots and Packers have been the most heavily favored sports team the last five years) and defenses that prevent the run from dominating are invaluable in playoff worthy runs. Watch out for those Jets, hear it here first.

An equally compelling story, and similar parallel, in the NFC resides in Dallas, as the Cowboys swept out the Eagles and their anemic offense while removing another monkey from the back of the 2009-2010 season. Romo looked on point and confident, while the defense smothered McNabb and contained Jackson to next to nil. It was impressive, and despite an arena-silencing Micheal Vick touchdown sling in the first half, the stadium seemed alive and inspiring throughout the game. Many analysts have written the place off as a slouch corporate playground rendering no real home field advantage for America’s team, but even a drunk accountant knows how to stand up and talk trash from the Motorola Seating Section in Jerry’s World. Alaska was once consider a laughable subject as well,  so who knows what kind of legend could become of this place.

Now, we look onward and upward to tomorrow’s matchups. First, look for Joe Flacco to come out firing as Baltimore takes down New England, as a sure fire bet falls on Sunday. Like anything, when you have two guarantees (see New England and Green Bay comment earlier), one has to lose. Tomorrow it is Tom and the Patriots, with a waning Moss and an injured Welker, to stumble at home to the boys from Baltimore. Ray Rice is going to grind yards out in the December grass, and I like the Ravens if they can win the turn over battle and Keep Flacco around 68% in completions. Pick one is a grueling bitch of a call, as I know what those East Coast heroes are capable of, but I just don’t think this is the year for Brady and co. The Ravens have been able to shut down the likes of Chad Ochocinco, and Moss doesn’t seem like this season has rubbed him the right way.

Game two is the sure bet, with Green Bay looking to destroy every rank of the clingy Favre idolizers, and Arizona standing in their way. I like FOX’s odds with a Minnesota/Green Bay showdown, and you’ve got to think Congress has it’s bailout money backed by this sure fire victory over Arizona. Even though Kurt Warner remains the most thoughtful and well rounded QB in the league, the Cardinals have some key injuries and have been exposed to be not that divine since their once “miraculous” victory over the highly thought of Vikings. I know Warner has the experience, but I now believe a lack of proper support around him may cause a L in the column for Sunday. Chalk it up, Green Bay in the over (but any bet with a spread over 3 be sure to postpone until a halftime analysis can be made), and take your money with the rest of the pocket pushers.

For this, we rest at ease. Tomorrow will be a good day and full of fine football, and I hope to snatch up all the leftovers from the week, microwave them in a large ceramic bowl at  400 degrees for 7 minutes and take a fork at the creation. I will keep your posted, as wild card weekends keep getting weirder. Stay tuned for gross misconduct and overtly rude social commentary in Sunday’s portion of the PSJC.



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