Funky Xmas Outcomes, Play resumes MONDAY

A veteran’s grumbling affair is an all too kind a way to put December football after strange Christmas feasts and the once a year stop by church, grabbing some bread for the road to beat the crowd to the parking lot. My picks were busted, and besides the Giants getting creamed, I got reamed by most of the boys. Whose allowing Manning to sit out the half with an undefeated season lying in the balance? Is this really an act of courteous manner, resting up for the play offs and giving the second team to clock some game time minutes that could be valuable, or is it BS forfeiting chances at NFL immortality with an undefeated season? Hmm… Tiger’s out of golf, Urban’s out of football, two Chicago teams are looking to ax coaches and I only made dough on a few games this week; I smell signs of the apocalypse.

My Monday pick has to be a hard bet on the Vikings whomping Chicago at home, and I’ ll be willing to give more than fourteen to the dreary dreadful Bears. My cold bones tell me the game might stay somewhat low, and the mark of 42 doesn’t look that tenable with the slow NFC North in the Windy City night chills. I need a good hit going into the final week and through to yonder playoffs, and I’ll be able to have some more time without the holidays to catch up on some old games I need to watch.

The Bowls approach, but I detest the bureaucracy of the BCS system and really didn’t get as revved up as I did the previous Capital One Bowl Week (pause to inhale the reek of corporate underpinnings and foul play). Some new ideas have come to mind to battle these thoughts of greed and ignorance I see awaiting my every turn. I am going to do a young entrepreneur interview with an old friend of mine who happens to be our age and doing quite well despite the recent economic downturn. I will also be starting a World Cup Countdown sections in hopes of preparing my readers in hopes in interesting them in this summer’s premier global sporting event, showcasing the best teams in the world competing live via satellite from Africa for the first time.

So long for a rotten Sunday of picks but nonetheless entertaining football (more on that later), I hope to be writing in celebration tomorrow as I watch my Bears *who I still hope to win secretly, and I hope the upcoming holiday week (see Deja vu) treats you with a gentle start. Cheers and Sleep Sound.


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