Saturnalia Pigskin Explosions

Ho ho ho, peace to good friends and foul enemies today. I couldn’t give a shit what the Illinois statey bastard deputees are up to right now, and it is my humbles of opinions that each ought to have his own a few nights of the year, and Christmas is one of them. A quick pick before the prime rib comes out and the young cousins begin assaulting my large, welcoming 22 year old frame. Football on both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, I love it. Religion has no claim on the American superpower of pigskin. Families and friends are all good and dandy, but give us unabashed violence and a case of light beer please, and make a plate of nachos, so our primal urges can be quenched and our minds are given peace for a moment in time. Chargers cover the spread (-1 at some places) and the game goes over (48 is the current line at the MGM). Look for Johnson versus Rivers, ground versus air, with the air prevailing and the Chargers snapping Jeff Fischer’s win streak in a game won by something like a field goal. Here it is, there you go, and holiday cheer to boot. What a lovely fucking day!


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