Post Mortem

Ho ho ho, joy-schpackled delightful wishes to all my snow riddled compadres. Christian Doomsday predictions loom ever so large, and the foreboding nature of any holiday season seems to again to have slipped around our gills. Can you feel the squeeze? Holiday shopping, house cleaning, and the sick adoration of brand name 3rd world goods peddled behind polo players and Alaskan mammals are on the rise. Idle hands are those ripe for the devils pick, as well as brains ballooned by constant sonic and visual dribble, making all of us suspect. It is difficult and hard work to get past the barriers man hurls at himself on a daily basis, but the rewards are rich and sticky with THC crystals.

Ironically enough, the U.S. government, our trusted servants, will be working overtime trying to pass a hottly contested healthcare bill on the 24th. At least their hands won’t be idle, the bastards. Well any news about working government officials is good news to me, as I think everyone ought to sleep in the bed they make, and there ought to be some drawbacks to the political life. There are the unnecessary evils that come with the business, including public harassment and harsh, stark judgment and criticism during times of personal crisis. However, the public is a necessary evil; it is the stopgap for the shit that leeks out of Washington and other spheres of society where rational and law abiding behavior is a must (see Larry Craig and his army of airport sex soliciting hippocrite nazi scumbags). “…he giveth, and he taketh…” (see sleep in the bed you make)

Enough attention to these perverted sex junkies, let us focus on the nature of the business our socialistic regime will be attending to this Christmas Eve. There will be a vote, which barring any major political shifts in the next 24 hours, that will in effect be the first piece of major healthcare legislation passed in a couple of decades. It has been the focal point for political analysis and debate over the last several months, and now there is some light peeking out from the end of the tunnel. The proposed bill’s benefits include:

• Make health care a right for every American.
• Eliminate the insurance industry’s ability to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.
• Eliminate the insurance industry’s ability to cut people off once they get sick.
• Create a requirement that insurance companies spend at least 80% to 85% of their revenue on providing medical care – not administration, advertising and profits and CEO salaries.
• Make the health insurance market more competitive – and reduce the ability of the insurance industry to make massive, semi-monopoly profits.
• Put in place a whole battery of consumer protection regulations that will help rein in the health insurance industry.

Seems a bit wordy and jargoned in spots, but overall reducing the uninsured number down to 23 million and at least making an attempt at changing the mess of a system we have in place is a good start. Nothing is perfect, however, and he public option, a government run healthcare plan which ideally helps stimulate competition amongst insurance companies and drive down prices, seems to be slipping away.

Aside, please. Informed voters are strong citizens who can get pulled over with bags of grass in their pocket and unflinchingly retort any question snickered by a cop or statie slime cruiser. Claim your constitutional rights and pull your goddamned heads out of the storm clouds of MTV charged gossip girl media loving bullshit. Iran is on the verge of going nuclear, and the Chinese and Russians are going to let it happen. The petrodictatorships are on the rise, change the damn channels and turn on the lights(god save the queen if a newspaper were bought).

Oh fuck all of this curious twisting and playful caressing, meat is in order and ought to be served. We are witnessing the death of man, creative thought, and OBJECTIVE persepective. Either you’re with us or against us, and bub you better be with us. We make your clothes, connect your phones, laminate your plastic charge cards and rip their hairy ends from your wife’s bikini zona negra. We do it all you see, you insufficient incapable bastards. You need us now, with your bank loans for educations that teach you how to make enough money to pay bank loans and get bitched at by old ladies until linear time finds a snuggly resting place. Oh yes, its out there Rube, out there and ready.

Where are the last of the hate filled, angst riddled pot smugglers who don’t give a shit about the body and blood but only want a warm room with a newly purchased glass bong, a radio, and a black plastic baggie filled to the brim with lesbian porn to spend the night with. What danger do they bring? I have to admit that they might be the only safe one’s out there, with wacko-loon fuckers blowing up abortion clinics and not letting their kids drink from a plastic straw out of fear for “dangerous and genetically altering” chemicals that might have slipped down the assembly line unnoticed and unexpected. OUCH! That sandwich baggie wasn’t as harmless as we thought, should’ve been a little more careful!

Violent towering viceroy overlords look down on us. This was the shit of legend and the piss of a fantastic one in a kind and once in a multiverse sort of disaster. The electronic fluctuations we currently witness on TV and read about in the news are teeming with delusions of fantastic societal suicide, and every one of you will go down if the chips are still on the table. Pay your debts, clear your plastic shiny cards, sell your unowned overinsured cars and buy a bag of pot as you walk off the lot. Off the grid, back to the tribal unity that man found in the earliest days of our species existence. Where is the island? and don’t touch the goddamned cooler with my name on it!

It has been a frightening and puzzling mystery to me trying to understand the conscious experience of another person these days, a peer or as close as you can get to one. What if I smell what he touches<vice versa>? Yikes. This is dangerous ground, despite our mirror neurons firing blindly with the result of religious weeping fits and complete karmic compassion, when our animal instincts are explored and the mind is looked at piecemeal, things get tricky. Fucking run on sentence bullshitters.

SO if you think the world you experience may be slightly different than your neighbor, think about the world of a Roman citizen 2,00 years ago listening to the stories of Jesus. All of a sudden, joining a faddish/cultish anti-Semetic racial-religious tribe seems pretty appealing. The Way, wow. It has one hell of a ring to it, seems perfect for something like Monday Night Raw Wrestling. Manly and artistic, bold and bloodied senseless.


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