Mas Football

Doom for some and great victory for others: this is the prognosis for every Sunday between mid September and February. Atlanta beat the Jets, making them even more obscure, but the heartless Patriot’s offense failed to put up the numbers I needed in their win over Buffalo (though Moss had a game winning TD and 7 catches, thank you). Green Bay, those bastards, gave up a last second touchdown to the Steelers and failed in a gut wrencher. I should’ve guessed better, ye fates.

I know I took Washington as my pick for Monday, and my confidants on the inside stand by this pick; but I am off that horse and believe no more in destiny or fantastic warrior football from a 4-9 team. No, the upset is over. Games have been low this week, so it leads me to believe the average will settle nicely with a high scoring Monday mash, with those Giants winning. I already took down the Jets, and again I think the law of averages will settle for a win with the garbage men. They are 1-8 against the spread as of late, and it is time for them to pay off. New York cronies of mine, take delight, our Christmas wishes are up for grabs, and I hope I’ve been a good little sports better for all of our sakes (for reference sakes, the line is -3 NY with the over/under at 43.5).


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