More Football, and an Award Winning piece of prose (nonfiction)

Of course one of my favorites from the previous post faltered to the Cowboys, a team I had written off in December, but the game was at home and Ware was a hard nosed killer out for blood. He terrorized the Saints front, and forced two key fumbles to seal the victory for the boys from Dallas. This spells doom for the rest of my picks from yesterday, so what’s the matter in sending out a few more predictions and curse countless other organizations by this obscure wordpress blog.

Big winners this week, and if you’re looking to pocket some extra cash for those long sought after holiday desires, follow this way. Houston over on St. Louis (a batch of pitiful scrubs), New England and Moss’ redemption over the Bills (T.O. a non-factor), and look for the Packers to beat the Steelers on the under. Hmm, what else can be said?  I think Atlanta is going to destroy The JETS (an anti-NY week I suppose) andI like the Redskins in the Monday Night game at home. Their defense is superior and I love watching the garbage men of New York bomb out of contention. Perhaps an emotion pick, but as a rule one out of four bets should be driven by some extreme hate or contempt for a team.

New News Old News, Its All News. The international energy conference in Copenhagen really made no legally binding or action-oriented strategies, and reports have indicated that scientists feel ‘fed up.’ How could you blame them? There were numbers floated and distant dates like 2050 were mentioned , but how can we afford to look that far down the road? Plans for the next 6 months, one year, that is what we need. Immediate oversight and accountability is key for any movement of change, and a successful effort in this particular arena will require unique and unprecidented cooperation amongst nations. More to be seen later, but I don’t know how many more generations will be able to quietly idle in limbo as we seem to do on most issues of the day. Problems are getting bigger and our out of date systems are getting weaker. Be weary of coal burning Chinese bank note collectors!

A sweeping gush of Pelonis-powered industrial hot air is really comforting in this cold, bleak ridden weather, so I took a walk through my portfolio and I’ve found us a real treat indeed. The music is good and the moon has brought high tides and massive waves of positive vibes. I am in fine spirits, and hope to share some of my favorite (and, incidentally, award winning) pieces of prose  with you.

College Spring Break Story Contest 2008 Winning Submission

The third day of waking up with daiquiris and playing beer-beach volleyball all day led to a more than predictable blackout. After coming to, I realized it was a little after 10PM and I was in a limousine heading to a house party. I knew no one in the area and recognized none of my friends were around, but I was with three girls and they seemed to be having fun. I had a beer in my pocket, cracked it, and thought I might have died and gone to heaven.

Once we got to the house, after introducing myself as “Mike from the beach” with the girls saying in unison “Haha, we know,” I realized I might be in some trouble. A huge house, newly remodeled, full of frat guys, awaited the arrival of Mike from the beach, and they couldn’t have prepared for what was coming. Bold and brazen from drinking all day, I walked in first introducing myself to anyone I could meet. There was only dudes in this bodega, but it didn’t stop me from making rounds like I was running for a senate seat.

I found myself being tackled from behind, and realized in a drunken haze that this guy wasn’t trying to kill me, but was a good friend from high school. I took a shot with him and my mood soared as I was convinced I might be safe. After reblacking out, I found one of the girls in the limo, jumped into the pool with her, and began taking off clothes and making out ferociously. She wanted to hot tub, so we went inside into the bathroom of this million dollar house and cranked the jets on the tub. After a nice session in the Jacuzzi, we threw on our wet garments and joined everyone else in the living room.

The result of this trip was the owner telling me to dry off, me telling him to **** off, and then swinging at the guy next to him. I woke up the next morning with a sore hand and face, an explanation about being picked up because my friend at the party called me a ride to avoid a murder, and a phone number from “limo girl” in my contacts. A daiquiri cured my headache, and the story I took away wooed at least three more unsuspecting ladies from that fateful week in Florida.

What can I say, the kid can write.


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