Merriweather Post Route

Pulling out of the local quickeemart tonight, my lights happened to glaze past two youths going at it in the back of a parked car. Nothing strange or warped about this… perfectly healthy, perfectly normal… but given the location of my local quickeemart and the proximity of the car to its entrance, things had to have gotten weird for some of the patrons. Fridays always bring starry eyed lovers out to fornicate on stitched leather, with sweaty rear ends clapping against back seats.

Enough teenage fantasy… today’s comment will include something I am somewhat morally opposed to: the overt shout out. I have to bestow one this evening to my friend’s at Pitchfork, who do such a nice job at the end of the year by comprising a 50 BEST of 2009. Such lists are a critical component in determining what and who to target in certain actions that may or may not involve music piracy on the information superhighway. Pitchfork is just one link in the vast network of music literature sites online, and I recommend a full perusing of them. ALL OF THEM.

Now to the meat of the beast. Reading the top 50 list, I naturally started at #1 and wasn’t surprised to see Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. The title is reminiscent of something like Terrapin Station or even Sergeant Peppper’s. It has a Scarborough fair vibe to it, hinting at something almost medieval and mystical, yet appealing to our primal urges to dance and be strange. It took me about five or six listens to get something real out of it, to at least latch a hook onto the mass-heap of confusion the initial listening can bring.

Having listened to Panda Bear and hearing A.C. a few times in college, I realized the music was unique in that it was characteristically unable to be characterized. I didn’t realize that these minimalistic yet utterly chaotic and complex vibrations could sound so damn good. There is a reason this album is a number one, but it is forewarned that it often takes a few listenings to really get up and move with it. How freeing it is though, like when the THC finally takes over the brain, when some understanding or haphazard guess could be made to it’s purpose and place in the scope of the musical multiverse.

Merriweather made it’s voice heard, and A.C. has taken over. It is a multi-layered and multi-timbred digital symphony that is able to speak to core human elements and emotions, the sort of love ( Put on the dress that I like/ It makes me so crazy, though I can’t say why), loss (Then the ecstasy turns the writhing light through our windowpane/Now I am gone, I left flowers for you there) and man’s instinctual drive to make his voice heard (You got a real good shot/Won’t help to hold inside/Keep it real keep it real shout out) that makes the hair on your spine stand.

It seems a bit like excessive praise, but this album really opened me up personally (as well as a lot of other listeners out there) in regards to what quality music could be comprised of. Open mindedness in everything is good, as it leads to growth. More on Buddhism later, but in the spirit of seriousness I appeal to your good reason and intellect to listen to this album once, give it a week’s rest, and do it once or twice more. Take this doctor’s word for it.

Saturday we have a football game, and the Holiday’s (though sometimes bogged over by familial inconveniences and lousy weather) bring another omen of the impending SUPERBOWL. Yes, the finest moment of the sporting year… Super Bowl XLIV will slam into our skulls and save us from the dreary wintertime blues February 17th. I like to play the odds, so here are some interesting numbers I would like to bring to your attentions.

1)GoDaddy is putting up add space, so 20 to 1 the first halftime full-nipple breast will be shown since Janet Jackson’s lame nipple patch.

2) I like the Cardinals as a sleeper pick right now, and I will be so bold as to say mad man Kurt Warner will take them deep into the playoffs, barring an early match up against Pistol Peyton’s Colts (one of my Miami Deuce). I am weary of those damned Chargers, however, and as in any bet there is risk involved. If they beat Cincinatti this week and their defense is able to keep Palmer’s wily coyote ass on the ground, they look to continue an 8+ game win streak. Going deep against my two picks, depending on the draw, I like San Diego and Minnesota (though I despise that cheese packing rat with all my chicago soul) making long runs. Lots of premier players this year that have stayed healthy, and the coming months should be exciting and heart wrenching for pimps and altar boys everywhere.

3) Playoffs is momentum my friends, and that leads us to the conclusion the Colts could square off against the sons of anarchist tribes that reside in the hillside mansions near San Diego. This spells trouble, or fateful coincidence. Last season, the Colts were knocked off in the first round by the Chargers, and since then Pistol has thrown for 33 TD’s and been accurate with a completion % (percentage) of nearly seventy (70). I believe he’s been using last season’s disappointment as a firm ground for motivation this year, and I stand with the most fearful and disgusting state in the union with deepest regret.

4) NFC, I guess its best to be frank at times when betting sports, and I will make my second pick to be the pheonix force that hails from America’s bayou gem of New Orleans. The metropolis is still in a rebuilding  and redevelopment process(see most accounts) in the aftermath of that hurricane(though its citizens have displayed incredible resilience and courage on all levels and are to be commended), but is now represented by a premier team with premier players and has been given a badge of pride and a reason to believe. Hope is a powerful force, and team’s of destiny can make or break the bank.

Obviously neither of my picks is longshots, but I enjoy putting money early on gunslingers and team’s on the verge of historic and remarkable undefeated seasons. Maybe I will regret this for months, but an early call is always worth putting on paper.

Sionara, prepare the shears, nothing will hold us back.


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