Dear friends, now you have gained my trust as a loyal reader. In our future discussions you will be at the mercy of my foul mouthed honesty because I consider you a friend. Hold on to those panties, ahemm, make sure to double tie your drawstrings. Tonight has left me little time to review another full frontal article on a deep scientific conundrum, so I will cross my wide repotoire of entertaining/thought provoking/dare I say depraved pieces of literature and give you something to mull over. I will proceed to engage in some heavy music listening and the occasional break for a Marlboro Red Death DELIGHT.

This is something of a running article of despair and dread, nearly overshadowing a slight glimmer of hope which calls  for action and attention, and it is also what I put forth for your consumption. Feel free to comment, slander, plagarize at your will (I know someday a dangerous desperate sot will be reading this), just do so at the privacy of your own screen. Buenos Noches–


Tonight, it’s celebrity status or bust. Let’s talk madness and radical propositions that continue to emerge in our current social setting. Our collective aura (psycho-spiritual radiance if you will) seems to be changing colors, so it is our duty to look the hell around and understand why.

Tally ho and bullshit aside, I have been swept up in a frenzy of fanaticism from reading 2012 Doomsday articles (mainly inadvertently through articles in the Trib, Red Eye, etc. which are/were what I presumed to be credible in my defense). Countless accusations have been made on the subject, from solar flares to cosmic radiation, covering into smaller scale “micro-problems” like natural disasters of immense proportions, electromagnetic pole-reversals, methane explosions, total climatic chaos, super-hostile-lethal-epidemic scale-viruses and the always sexy boulders iactatum a caelo which quirky gentlemen with clear sunglasses call asteroids.

Oh no, I don’t really buy into any of these theories; for every so called apocalyptic scenario that Joe Wikipedia has put forth, there have been multiple credited and published scientific materials to disprove the Revelation-esque claims. I like the fact that in the information age, if you can make use of materials and understand the bias and “sales” factor that goes into journalism, you can get a comprehensive picture on most topics within reason. It’s important that 2012 doesn’t become our primary source of literature, but it can’t be simply categorized as culturally irrelevant (though it may be shit for film-making and plot).

PS- you yourself, ought to be discriminately biased and outright untrustworthy of anything I write until it seems worthwhile-

Simply put, most of the evidence provided seems to favor that life will continue to plug along just as it does now, barring any nuclear holocaust or unforeseen cataclysmic nightmare. Numerous “doomsdays” have come and pass, stretching back to the early years of the Christian movement continuing through 1000 A.D. and passing through many apocalyptic musings circa 2000 A.D. I can remember being in Florida for the Millennium to celebrate with family and friends close enough to call family (especially that week of high adrenaline for the magical Y2K), and I recall witnessing strange articles about the Devil and Nostradamus in tabloid publications in a local grocery store. That’s a strange to remember as a 12 year old, and I know as the clock ticked down (as it normally does), there was some added nervousness pervading my thoughts.

There is something eerie about mankind’s fascination with the end of time, the final days. The Last Judgment, the idea of meeting the maker and “paying” for your transgressions, is an integral part to almost all religious and most judicial formulations, so naturally we become somewhat dependant on the idea. It has a certain mass appeal factor, and media came along to put it all over-everything-everywhere, for you me and especially grandpa with his new iPhone to consume, process, digest, and excrete, usually without us knowing at all.

I mean anyone who has any sense of the world around him can tell you there are fascinating things out there. We are built with our miraculous god bestowed brains to witness strange connections all around us, enticing us to fancy the idea of a cosmic countdown.

Whatever the end of days is near or far, real or mere mental phantasm, we (meaning me and you and 3G pa pa) probably would and could have no control over it. And whether you choose to celebrate wildly and throw in the towel to the will of the cosmos, or continue clinking along in everyday fashion merely blinking at the idea, is all arbitrary until the postulated end of the world comes and goes. Then, some will be great fools pissing on their own hands before supper while others become crowned heroes and are toasted amongst the immortal spirits in galactic banquets. Our most primitive drive is hunger, so dine with me.


What to do with America’s Unemployed College student from a divorced home?

An Immobilized Generation

_book concept, or just sexy title for a poor man’s current situation (more to come)


This current age of fear, sadly, may never die in our minds or even in our kids. Sex sells, but fear puts banks out of business and buys up more stock than Billy Gates and Ben Bernacke. Fear is a drug for the masses, it gets us high. Really, it gets our attention. Fear is the best means of capturing an audience, and every media mogul/telecom tycoon with their hand in a government pocket has used this biological fact to exploit humanity and deliver a prepackaged outlook of what the world is like, without most of us being any the wiser.

Today’s CNN.com reads “H1N1 Attacks Deep in the Lungs;” yesterday I caught a TV bit about the United State’s first displaced community due to global warming; newspapers and magazines are licking their lips over the “shocking” news that Tiger Woods was fucking some one other than his wife; Uganda is trying to pass legislation to deny homosexuals the humanitarian rights of “normal” citizens;  30,000 more troops head to the cradle of civilizations to restore democracy and prevent a nuclear event involving terrorist factions, supposedly.

Be afraid of the gay coughing on the train who cheats on his lover and is a communist loving liberal. THEY bring the end of the world. Amass armies, provide them with adequate training to detect these low-grade degenerates, and destroy them at all costs. Burn books, ban music, take down art and kill leaders, just so long as THEY don’t come out on top in the end, just so long as we’re right. 29 years ago they killed John Lennon, and most kids my age couldn’t tell you a goddamn thing about the 1960’s or what Lennon embodied. The people who did that are the one’s we should tie up in barbed wire over a desert sun like the pederasts and sick cruel nymphos deserve.

Nothing is as it seems, nothing was as they tell you, nothing will be like you think. Uncertainty predicates fear, but in the short span of time before such a terror and a horror takes hold of the public’s groin for keeps (think nuclear holocaust scenarios even big budget man James Cameron in Hollywood couldn’t come up with), perhaps we can concentrate on the immense energy and excitement of our days. Perhaps, through some miracle that even my gambling self would hedge, a John Lennon will come out of the Liverpool pub and have a few words with us.

Credibility is the key. Anyone can upload their magnum opus onto a eReader and distribute it virally, disguised as a video of an old man getting whacked in the nuts. Peddling shit is easy business nowadays, just pick up your neighbors crap and make a prettier sign. I don’t know where the great artists have gone, the one’s who disagree with everything the neo-Western-consumer-debtor establishment who are yet are calm enough to dismantle it slowly and by stealth means. Any asshole with a quarter stick and some kerosene could put some carbon in the air, but taking a building down brick by brick with the whole band still practicing in the gym, that’s art. I know its out there, so the search must continue for all man to find beauty amongst the rubble.

How can America’s hard working baby boomers, an immense social force by any inspection, be leaving us a country in worse shape then they got it? Where did they muck it up, and how are we to change in order to avoid doing it to our kids? Are we post-human humans falling from the love affair of being conscious and alive, or are we merely caterpillars for future men, greater than ourselves? Is this life just a pausing before our glorious arrival into the world? I truly believe the last question is for us to decide NOW, making our task more urgent than ever.

I think Hunter believed this, but if he did I can’t understand why he would call it quits the way he did. Wouldn’t he have wanted to fight a little longer, or did he even see hopelessness? When a starry-eyed acid head who shoots guns and drinks bourbon like you breath oxygen tells you that it’s hopeless, maybe it is time to give up. Who the hell knows anyways, maybe John Lennon did and left the secret in Yoko’s songs. Still isn’t a fighting chance you’ll catch me going through them, let it stay hidden forever for all I care.

Maybe audibleempire.com can save us I thought at one point the other night driving back from a pea soup and apple-nut salad dinner for Sunday Night Football in the greatest democracy on the planet with the windows rolled down in a 90K mile midnight cruise mobile. It was deluxe: the perfect song came on by this crew of suburban Vampire Weekend type playboys and everything came together in that moment. You know when you use an expression, like having your tits blazing, but not really knowing how it feels, but thinking you know how it feels because of a similar experience, well this was it. STRETCH.


In 1987, not coincidentally the year of my birth, an astrological event of mildly significant importance took place on August 16th. The harmonic convergence, as it was coined by New Age philosophers and academics, occurred when the sun, moon, earth and six of the 8 other planets (maybe now 6 of the other 7, or 5 of the other seven if Pluto joined the dance, that heretical planetoid) came into a trine alignment. Mayan astrologers predicted the event hundreds of years ago, indicating that it would mark the end of 22 heaven and hell cycles and begin a final 26 year count to our beloved 2012 birth of the sixth sun. It would certainly be a bitch to only see the final 26 years of death, destruction, oppression and evil at work in the world, so personally I’m rooting for the fifth sun to stay in our sky for a little while longer. At least long enough for me to get a trip to Las Vegas in and do some damage along the Pacific coastline of Asia.

Consequently to make an aside, if you look at the arrangement of the planets on that fateful day in August of 1987 from an outside perspective of the solar system, it really isn’t eye catching at all. But I know the event was meaningful for this cosmokarmic child born exactly one month later, so that is why it is mentioned and now occupies some space in your mind.

Climategate has really come into the media spotlight the last couple of days, with the energy summit meeting in Denmark coming at the same time, one has to wonder if these events were in fact coincidental. I’ve heard some pretty astonishing quotes on television, from global warming being “a global conspiracy and fraud by the scientific communities,” as if the pencil pushers across the planet are all in cahoots to trick us into believing in a “fictitious” problem to keep us away from our current realities.

The insane thing about writing commentary on world events, is that they get to a point, almost inevitably, where you put your hands up and have nothing else to say except “What the fuck?”

Some one says something, does something, thinks something in some way that completely takes you off base. It’s the nature of all things. “We are all blind men examining an elephant. Some get the nose, some the feet, some the tail and others the ear.” You have to believe that some people got the elephant’s penis though, and they might happen to be some of the one’s putting up this nonsense about global warming being a global ploy. It’s ludicrous, and they’re the ones calling us communist pinko-bastards. Oh no, this will not stand.

They say science is the liar; they tell tall tales that the scientific community is fleecing all of you. Come listen to more at their church halls and campaign stops and THEY’LL be the ones to set you straight. Right Oh Buddy Boy! This world is going to be a treat, full of little white conservatives whose sole purpose is the pure breeding other white conservatives in the safe encasement a 1,000 foot wall and geo-descent dome sealing off the “land of the free” from the rest of the world. Give me a blow dryer and a bathtub full of gin, thank you very much.

If even a scientific topic such as global warming can be assaulted by the right wing news media, then nothing is untouchable or out of their stinking ill willed reach. At some point it all just becomes mental masturbation, and action is really the only thing to measure. Changing people’s minds is almost impossible in today’s instant message socio-psychological climate, so I guess arguing about all of it becomes nonsensical. Do you concede, and sit back still watching the trees surrounding the ride bend and turn as you whip whizzing in directions unknown? Let’s shut it down for all of our sakes, just for a moment, because I think grandpa has to take a leak.


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